To use your allocated ($2000/fellowship) travel funds you need to follow all the steps in the order detailed below.       


                                                              I.  PRCEN Travel Approval Request

 I.1     Fill out the PRCEN Travel Approval inquiry:  

 I.2     Fill out the Student Template Letter (STL) that must be signed by you and your sponsoring PI

 I.3     Provide all evidence requested in the template letter (STL)

 I.4     Send in one single email the letter (STL) and all requested evidence(s) as attachments to:


                          and and your PI must be copied.


Upon reception of your file, you will receive an email acknowledging that:

  • your request is complete and has been forwarded for approval consideration. This will be the official starting date of your request process.


  • your request is incomplete, and you will be asked for the missing information/attachments. Please reply promptly, since only complete files can be forwarded for approval consideration.

Once you have received the email informing you that your file is complete and has been forwarded for approval consideration, you will receive via email, an official (approval/disapproval) from the PRCEN program within 2 working days.


                                                    II.  Department/Institution Travel Authorization

                                              (To be started as soon as you have received the PRCEN Approval)

II.1  Complete the Intention Letter to the Medical Sciences Campus Chancellor (ILC) and contact Neidibel to complete a UPR Travel Authorization Form (TAF). You'll need to bring the originals signed STL and attachments, including the flight itinerary already paid.


II.2  Take the filled-out ILC to obtain the signatures of your PI, your home Department/Institution Chair and Dean. Return signed the document to Neidibel, who will get the additional missing signatures, namely of the PRCEN Program Administrator (Director (Dr. Miller) and the Dean (Dr. José Hawayek) and the Chancellor (Dr. Segundo  Rodríguez  Quilichini) of the Medical Sciences Campus.


II.3  Purchase tickets, pay registration/membership fees using your funds or as worked-out with your PI. Note that only if all your paperwork (TAF and ILC) is completed promptly to obtain all necessary signatures (15 working days before departure) you will receive an advanced check the day before your trip starting the day. 


II.4   Once the trip is completed, bring all ORIGINAL receipts and proofs of purchase. Fill out the Travel Report Form (using the Medical Sciences Campus template). The travel form required the original signature of the student so, it has to bee handed personally to Neidibel. She will then process your trip liquidation. This step is critical whether an advanced check was issued or not and if left incomplete it will prevent you from traveling in the future.


                                                                                                  BON VOYAGE