Past Events

Ph.D. Position available

Aquatic Ecology and Toxicology, Heidelberg University, Germany

The positions will address adverse effects of micro- and nanoplastic particles and associated trace contaminants and adverse effects of sugar substitutes and neuroactive pharmaceuticals.


PRCEN-2019 Retreat & Assesment activity

The PRCEN 2019 Retreat was held on October, 10 and 11. This activity allowed the evaluation of the effectiveness of the programmatic initiatives and the scientific progress of individual research subprojects.

It had the participation of all members of the PRCEN community, including graduate students and undergraduates. Agenda included presentations by the PI, Co-PIs and faculty; poster session; meetings between the EAC and members of the PRCEN team; breakout closed sessions for the EAC with students and investigators; and meetings with the External Evaluation Group. 


The 1st PRCEN student meeting at the Medical Science Campus.  September 18, 2019, 

The NSF PRCEN program sponsored travel for eight UPR students to participate in the workshop Modern Methods in Microscopy: Advances, Strategies, and Techniques for Neuroscience at the University of Kansas. May 31 - June 8, 2019.  Students received training from Dr. Eduardo Rosa-Molinar and Dr. Noraida Martinéz-Rivera of the UK Biological Imaging Group / Microscopy and Analytical Imaging Research Resource Core Laboratory. Topics included sample preparation, confocal microscopy, multi-photon microscopy, image analysis, and rigor & reproducibility. Thanks to Drs. Rosa-Molinar, Martínez-Rivera, and the entire team of UPR and UK administrative and scientific staff that made this exceptional experience possible.  


Mark Miller, PRCEN Program Director, shared techniques for delivering drugs to the crustacean circulatory system with students from UPR and Universidad del Turabo.

(Friday. September 8, 2018)



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