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The External Advisory Board

Bryan Brooks  is Professor of Environmental Science and Biomedical Studies and Director of Environmental Health Science at Baylor University. His interdisciplinary research interests broadly include understanding how anthropogenic activities and stressors influence various levels of biological organization, particularly in rapidly urbanizing regions. His investigation incorporates laboratory and field studies in aquatic, environmental and comparative toxicology, environmental risk assessment, and water resources research.

Judith Pederson served as Advisory Leader and Regional Project Coordinator, MIT Sea Grant Program. In 2000 she organized the first of several Rapid Assessment Surveys, where taxonomic experts identified native and non-native species in Massachusetts and eventually throughout the Northeast (Maine to New York City or the Gulf of Maine). The information from the surveys provided the states with credible species lists and spawned an interest on their part to develop and support programs to prevent and manage marine bio-invasions.

Steven Treistman served as Program Director of the PRCEN Phase I. He is presently on advisory boards at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole MA. His research on the neurobiology of addiction includes seminal findings on neuronal plasticity and tolerance. As PRCEN Phase I PD, he advanced the idea that diverse environmental stressors elicit common responses in nervous systems.

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