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Fellowship Award Benefits

PRCEN Graduate (MS and PhD) and Undergraduate Fellowship Programs

1. Tuition and travel fees (for all students except summer undergraduate students). A $2,000/semester allowance for appropriate tuition costs (as determined by the Education committee), and up to $2,000/year for qualified travel (as defined in the sponsored travel section below) will be attributed to each student. 

2. For MS and PhD Graduate Students. Fellowships/academic year, typically running from August 1, to July 31 of the following year will be attributed (9 at UPR, 1 at UAGM). Fellows will get a stipend of $1,948/month plus an allowance for proper health care insurance coverage (for the fellow). No automatic renewal of a fellowship will be granted.

​3. For Undergraduate Students. Preference will be given to students who participated in Research projects (for credits or as volunteers) during prior academic years.

                                                  Summer Fellowship (June 1 to July 31)

Ten summer fellowships/academic year will be attributed. Fellows will get a stipend of $1,000 /month for a full-time participation in a sponsored Research project. No automatic follow-up into an academic year-long fellowship will be granted.

                                          Academic-year long program (August 1 to May 31)

Fifteen fellowships, running from August 1 to May 31 will be attributed. Fellows will get a stipend of $1,000 /month for a full-time participation in a sponsored Research project. No automatic renewal or follow-up into a summer or a graduate fellowship will be granted.

4. Sponsored Travel. All travel requests must be submitted in a timely manner, so all administrative steps can be completed at least 4 weeks ahead of the time of the actual travel. Should a fellowship be cancelled, all PRCEN-sponsored travel plans will also be cancelled, even if previously approved. Only approved travels will be paid for or reimbursed. Allowable costs include: Registration fees, domestic coach/economy airfares, transportation to and from the airport, hotel room bills, and a per Diem. All re-reimbursements/payments will have to be within the allocated $2000/year limit.

  • Participation in National and International Meetings. Awarded fellows should submit at least one abstract/year for a poster or short oral presentation in a major meeting relevant to Environmental Neuroscience. 

  • Workshops. In-or-out of program, national and international workshops which are relevant to the Fellow’s research project and the PRCEN mission are strongly encouraged. 

  • Travel/stay in a Collaborator laboratory. National and international collaborations are strongly encouraged. The fellow should submit a written request. Specific dates and clear goals should be mentioned, along with a letter from both the sponsoring and the hosting PI.

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