for the PRCEN Graduate (MS and PhD) and Undergraduate Fellowship Programs

Prerequisites for the PRCEN Fellowships

Only full-time students that are U.S. citizens, nationals, or permanent residents, and are enrolled in a pertinent academic graduate program from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), or in our educational partner, the Metropolitan University (UMET) are eligible for the program fellowships. A minimum of a cumulative 3.0 grade point average (GPA) in the bachelor´s degree and the applicable graduate program is required.

Provisions for the PRCEN Fellowships

                                               1. Tuition and travel fees (for all students except summer undergraduate students)


a $2,000/semester allowance for appropriate tuition costs (as determined by the Education committee), and up to $2,000/year for qualified travel (as defined in the sponsored travel section below) will be attributed to each student. 


                                               2. For MS and PhD Graduate Students


Ten Fellowships/academic year, typically running from August 1, to July 31 of the following year will be attributed (9 at UPR, 1 at UMET). Fellows will get a stipend of $1,948/month plus an allowance for proper health care insurance coverage (for the fellow). No automatic renewal of a fellowship will be granted.

                                              3. For Undergraduate Students

Preference will be given to students who participated in Research projects (for credits or as volunteers) during prior academic years.


                                                  Summer Fellowship (June 1 to July 31)


Ten summer fellowships/academic year will be attributed. Fellows will get a stipend of $1,000 /month for a full-time participation in a sponsored Research project. No automatic follow-up into an academic year-long fellowship will be granted.


                                          Academic-year long program (August 1 to May 31)


Fifteen fellowships, running from August 1 to May 31 will be attributed. Fellows will get a stipend of $1,000 /month for a full-time participation in a sponsored Research project. Each sponsoring PI will adjust as he/she sees fit, the requested participation in the lab/on the project of the student, according to their course load. No automatic renewal or follow-up into a summer or a graduate fellowship will be granted.


                                             4. Sponsored Travel 


All travel requests must be submitted in a timely manner, so all administrative steps can be completed at least 4 weeks ahead of the time of the actual travel. Should a fellowship be cancelled, all PRCEN-sponsored travel plans will also be cancelled, even if previously approved. Only approved travels will be paid for or reimbursed. Allowable costs include: Registration fees, domestic coach/economy airfares, transportation to and from the airport, hotel room bills, and a per Diem. All re-reimbursements/payments will have to be within the allocated $2000/year limit.


            4.1 Participation in National and International Meetings

Awarded fellows should submit at least one abstract/year for a poster or short oral presentation in a major meeting relevant to Environmental Neuroscience. 

            4.2 Workshops

In-or-out of program, national and international workshops which are relevant to the Fellow’s research project and the PRCEN mission are strongly encouraged. 

            4.3 Travel/stay in a Collaborator laboratory

National and international collaborations are strongly encouraged. The fellow should submit a written request. Specific dates and clear goals should be mentioned, along with a letter from both the sponsoring and the hosting PI.


                                         5. Requirements of the PRCEN Fellowships

All fellows must maintain a minimum of a cumulative 3.0 grade point average (GPA and GPS)  and demonstrate satisfactory progress in all courses.  It is the fellow’s responsibility to inform the Education Director if the GPA/GPS falls below this minimum, by submitting a copy of an official transcript at the end of each academic session.


All fellows must fill a bi-annual Progress Report for each academic session following a standardized format for graduate and undergraduate for the fall session no later than December 20, and for spring session no later than May 31 for graduate and May 19 for undergraduate students. 


Participation in all the activities organized by the program or by the fellows is mandatory, including:


             All program organized activities, events and courses:

  • Conferences and lectures by invited speakers

  • Introductory Series to Environmental Neuroscience (ISEN) course of the Program (1 credit) organized every second year.

  • Outreach activities organized for the community and K12 schools

  • Local or national Workshops


            All fellow-initiated and organized activities:

All students are expected to self-organize and manage the logistics throughout the academic year of monthly scientific meetings, featuring short oral research presentations by students (open to all participating PIs). Each fellow should present at least once a year in such Workshop series of their choice with invited outside speakers